Our Services


Whether it’s designing a new network for your growing business, updating your systems with the latest technology or managing your current network for greater efficiency – Vital Network Solutions can provide you with cost effective solutions to your technology needs.

This consultation starts with building an understanding of what you want to accomplish with your network infrastructure. We then perform an analysis that includes a review of the hardware and software utilized in the system, projected capacity of disk storage and back-up solutions, as well as computational and communication speed. Finally we’ll put together solutions that allow you to optimize your current system and grow into the latest technology in affordable and measured steps.

Vital Network Solutions provides technical support for companies across the Front Range.


Repair and Technical Support


VNS offers prompt on-site service to customers across the Front Range. Our technicians will come to your location to maintain your network, troubleshoot problems, upgrade your software or repair your computers. The VNS team can work with your staff to optimize the performance of your computer systems and create highly secure environments to protect your data.


When performing maintenance and upgrades, VNS will work evenings or weekends to minimize the disruption to your staff and customers. This flexibility allows us to install new systems or upgrades efficiently with a minimal effect on your day-to-day operations.

We can provide remote support services that allow us to access your computers or servers to diagnose a variety of problems from our offices in Boulder without an on-site visit. Additionally, a VNS technician can perform software updates, user management and network support with minimal disruption to your operations remotely. This access is done in a highly secure environment that assures the integrity of your systems and data.

While we’re always happy to visit you at your home or small business, a more economical approach may be for you to visit us and bring your system with you! VNS in-house service can save you approximately 20% over the cost of an on-site visit. We always try to have a technician available to tackle your computer repair, upgrade or maintenance.

Cloud Service & Data Backup


Data integrity and security are critical for on-going business success. If a catastrophic event such as a fire or flood hits your business, the loss of customer data and accounting information is often the greatest disaster. Even though hardware reliability has improved drastically over the last decade, hardware failures still do happen. These can be devastating for a business, putting your company at a standstill.

VNS provides several options for customer data backup. Off-site data backup is the most secure option. After business hours, your critical business data is transferred securely to a storage server here at VNS. These files are encrypted and password protected to ensure their security. We also offer on-site data backup services. Backing up your data locally at your business provides an extra layer of protection against hardware failure. With these backups, during an emergency, the data can be recovered and operations rapidly restored, minimizing impact on your business’ productivity.